METALTECH: The Film    

METALTECH Ltd. Purchases - Sells - Recycles industrial wastes

METALTECH, restores original brilliance

For more than 10 years, Metaltech company collects, analyzes, refines and revalues precious, rare metals stemming from industrial, medical or craft waste.
Their industrial viability depending largely on the efficiency of the recovery and the recycling, these noble metals, such the gold, the rhodium, the palladium or the platinum, are so handled according to a rigorous method.

Furthermore, Metaltech company assure to deploy all the means with respectful technologies of the environment, and to respects the regulations and standards when handling precious metals.
Our structure also gives itself the means, the necessary energies and the time to face all the expectations and the demands of its partners.

Trusting Metaltech, means co-working with an innovative and involved company, from all the steps of recycling until the restoration of raw materials and precious metals.